Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post an update about the site incase anyone thought it had fizzled out. Unfortunately both myself and Matt have been snowed under with work for our final exams, meaning that blog updates can’t take priority.

However, we have been working hard behind the scenes to get the June debut unsigned album ready for launch! The album is sounding really great and I’ve decided to redesign the website to coincide with the album launch. The fresh DiscoverUnsigned will be a lot cleaner and easier to navigate, and will center more around our albums, which we predict will be big news. Of course we’ll still be posting updates about great unsigned bands, interviews, and I’ll be getting my video camera out over the break to hopefully get some backstage footage.

Please keep checking back to see the album/website launch and if you haven’t already join our Facebook group to receive further updates.

Thanks for sticking around we promise that the site will be really taking off in the coming weeks/month!