Some of you may remember us mentioning our upcoming debut unsigned album, a compilation album showcasing 10 of the best tracks by some of the greatest unsigned talent worldwide. The album launch was June 1st, but unfortunately launching the album has been delayed a couple of days due to hold-ups with our billing system and development work.

Admittedly some of the delay is our fault (and some is outside of our control), as we are relaunching completely to coincide with the debut album’s launch. Check back soon to witness our new look and best of all amazing new content! The good news is that we’ve had the album playing in the background pretty much non-stop during all this development, and we’re still loving how it sounds!

I figure that I can’t leave you hanging quite that much, and so here is a preview of the album cover:

We hope that you will check back soon to witness the album’s launch, and assure you that it will be worth the wait!