Ok guys, the time has come to reveal a little more about our debut ‘Unsigned Album’. Some of you may remember us mentioning this in our first post, and many of you may have seen the ‘coming soon’ notice on our Albums Page. We’ve been working really hard to get an awesome album together for you, despite not talking about it a whole lot. We’ve worked behind the scenes with a lot of great bands to secure some truly great tracks.

The idea behind the albums is to reward unsigned talent with massive exposure and generous royalties. The albums will be downloadable format only to start with, as this takes away any production costs for us, and means bigger royalties for our artists. Each album will be sold for $6, and will consist of 10 tracks by 10 different unsigned artists. Each artist will receive $0.50 per sale for just ONE track! The remaining $1 will go to me and Matt (the other co-founder), and we’ll be pouring these dollars into promoting the album. What’s great for artists is that the albums will be sold indefinitely, so they will receive royalties at the end of EVERY month!

We’ve already received a lot of interest from people wanting to buy the albums, so we anticipate them being a big hit within the music community. The debut album should, with any luck, be released June 1st, and all subsequent monthly albums released at the 1st of each month. This means that if you don’t make it on to our debut June album, you can apply for any future albums no problem.

We’ve nearly finished compiling our debut album, but IT’S NOT TOO LATE for bands to apply! We’re still happy to review applications for truly great unsigned tracks. If you’re interested in watching your monthly sales build up, and a whole new audience listening to your music then please apply here today!

I can personally say that I must have listened to the album almost 100 times (it’s becoming a little obsessive), and it’s not getting old. It’s really a cross-section of the best unsigned talent, encompassing many genres, and drawing artists from all over the world!

If you have any questions please drop us a comment and I’d be happy to provide any further info. Apart from that I hope that you’ll continue coming back to check out the latest/greatest unsigned bands, and check back at the start of June to witness our album launch!